Event information

the Monroe Civic Center
Client Requirements

1. Sign Contract.

2. All event cost must be paid ten (10) days before the event

3. Insurance should be received ten (10) days before the event

4. Once a customer has booked an event, a follow up phone call must be made within ten (10) days. A contract must also be in place within the fourteen (14) days

5. Catering agreement should be submitted ten (10) days before the event, it is the customers responsibility to get the Catering agreement signed

6. Caterer must be licensed, if they do not have a health permit, as required by state law, they must cook the food in our kitchen. All documents are listed on catering agreement

7. Set up (room design) should be done fourteen (14) days before the event. If there is a change in the set up on the day of the event, there will be a charge of $100.00 or more

Additional cost for items that are later requested

1. Table cloths, $5.00; skirts, $7.00; table cloth w/ skirt, $10.00

2. Wireless mic, $50.00

3. *Cash Bar, this is when we set up a bar for sale of alcohol, $200.00 plus two (2) police officers at a rate of $69.00 per hour, number of officers will depend on the size of the group.

4. *Corkage Fee, (varies) this is charged when a 501c3, non profit organization is giving away free alcohol. Civic Center bartenders, $12.00 per hour, plus a minimum of two (2) police officers at a rate of $69.00 per hour

5. Screens, projectors, lighting, extra mics and technical equipment will have additional cost

6. If a lot of technical work is required for the event, an IA technical support person is required to be onsite at additional cost during the event

7. A Facility Fee of $3.00 is charged per ticket or a flat rate if you are selling your own tickets. If you are selling tickets for your event , you must apply for a Sales Tax Registration number (Taxation & Revenue Department) and provide a copy of the information to the Civic Center

Monroe Civic Center will provide (included in rental contract)

1. Tables, chairs, (curtains covers area behind head table only); there is an extra charge for wall to wall curtains

2. Podium, one (1) mic

3. Stage, regular or concert

4. Rooms are set up according to customer’s request. Set ups begin on the day of the event unless there is prior approval with the Civic Center management. If changes are made on the day of the event there is a one time fee of $100.00

5. Event will be posted on the Civic Center marquee if digital information is provided seven (7) days prior to the event. If the event is not a Ticketmaster event, there is a charge of $50.00 to place it on the marquee.

Action Items

1. No other furniture belonging to the Civic Center other than those items specifically provided by the Civic Center staff is to be used, such as lamps, tables, flowers, genie and scissor lifts and/or other rooms not rented.

2. The Civic Center is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged personal items

3. Smoking nor tobacco is not permitted in the buildings at any time. Chewing gum should not be disposed of on the floors, nor tape on the floor or walls

4. Renter shall not have the right to sublet Civic Center facilities

5. Sound levels must be suitable for the interior of the rented space, the Civic Center reserves the right to request the renter to adjust the volume

6. Decorations on the tables are permissible, do not put anything on the floors, doors or hang items from the ceilings.

7. The rooms in the Convention Center & Conference Hall are for meetings or small banquets. There are times when we rent them for birthdays, weddings or anniversaries. These are exceptions to the line items in the rental agreements.

8. Deposit is refundable if there are no damages.

9. If an event is cancelled by the customer, deposits are non-refundable

• Rates are subject to change depending on event and event size


Monroe Civic Center Clear Bag Policy

The Monroe Civic Center’s Clear Bag Policy is consistent with our effort to put safety first.

All guests and their bags will be subject to search when entering Monroe Civic Center property for concerts and other large events.

Permitted bags

· Clear plastic or vinyl bags that do not exceed 12” x 6” x 12”.

· One gallon clear plastic bags.

· Small clutch bags that do not exceed 4.5” x 6.5”.

Customers are reminded that they may not put a non-clear bag into a clear bag. Small handheld clutch purses, which don’t have to be clear, will continued to be permitted into the Civic Center.

All backpacks regardless of size are prohibited and any bags larger than 12” x 6” x 12,” clear or non-clear will be strictly prohibited. Exceptions may be made for diaper bags (with baby) and bags that contain necessary medical items, which must be inspected and approved

Why is the Civic Center adopting a Clear Bag Policy?

Monroe Civic Center continues to review its policies to enhance public safety and improve efficiencies. Customer experience and the safety of our guests are a top priority for the Civic Center. Limiting the size and style of bags carried into the venue will aid in maintaining safe and secure environments, decrease the time waiting to enter the venue and improve the overall experience. The measure will enhance safety inside and outside.

How does the new bag policy improve security?

Any prohibited bag inside and outside the venue will be highly visible and easily identifiable. This initiative supports the Department of Homeland Security’s “If You See Something, Say Something” campaign. A clear bag is easily visible and can be quickly searched, thus allowing staff to be more efficient in checking bags that are brought into the Civic Center.

Are clear backpacks permitted?

Backpacks are not permitted regardless of the type and variety.

What Type of Bags are permitted?

Any type of clear bag that does not exceed the clear bag requirements and does not contain more than one logo imprint (4.5” tall x 3.4” wide size maximum) is permitted. Any decorative trim on the clear bags cannot exceed 2” wide. Bags must be clear and transparent-bags may not have logos, tinting texturing or any decorative elements that obscure the purpose of being transparent and clear.

Are all purses prohibited?

No. Small clutch purses (no matter color or transparency), with or without strap or handle, are permitted as long as they are not larger than 4.5” x 6.5” (approximately the size of a hand). Also-clear tote bags should not be large than 12” x 6” x 12” or the one-gallon freezer bag. Clear bags that meet the requirements must be clear and transparent.

How many bags can each person bring into the venue?

One (1) clear plastic bag that is either a one gallon plastic freezer type bag or clear plastic bag, plus one small hand held clutch.

What happens if I show up at the entrance with a bag that is not permitted?

Customers with a prohibited bag will not be permitted inside the venue. Guests carrying bags that do not meet the criteria of the bag policy will be asked to return to their vehicles and transfer their belongings to an approved clear plastic bag before entering the venue. There are no provisions to exchanges bags at the door and any bags left unattended will not be the responsibility of the Monroe Civic Center.

Can I carry cameras, phones or tablets from what I put in a clear bag?

Yes, customers can continue to carry permitted items in their pockets or hands such as keys, phones, wallets, makeup, etc. if you choose not to put them in a clear bag.

How does this make it more convenient for customers?

This will enable us to move customers through the doors much faster. It will help our event staff be more consistent, efficient and effective in checking bags that are brought into the venue. There will be less time spent standing in lines at the venue gates. Customers should also understand and enjoy an improved sense of safety.